Friday, February 6, 2009

stop. Stop. STOP the madness.

Watch it.


"Fidelity": Don't Divorce... from Courage Campaign on Vimeo.

Take Action.


Anonymous said...

I have no problem with gay couples getting equal rights. But you are not equal in what is mean and designed by GOD. God did not make adam and Alan for each other and procreate. Nor did he amke Eve & Eva. Just by common sense the bodies do not fit to get in the correct way to amke offspring. You have to use artifical means to create your family. It is not the same as heterosexuals who bnot bear children and then have to adopt. They are following God law but things are not working out. Gays are jsut slapping God in the face and saying to him that he screwed up on his perfect design. Life is difficult and if you want to havfea gay partner so be it. But do nto try to make is equal to what God planned for us.

hobogomil said...

Common sense about the 'natural fit' of male and female would also tell us, therefore, that the most unnatural creation of a child would have been Jesus' own appearance in the world. It also makes one wonder about Mary's 'immaculate' conception.

And then there are these male and female partnerships in patriarchal societies that allow for multiple wives to any given male -- as with so many Judaeo-Christian patriarchs in the Bible (often where 'things aren't working out, cf. Abraham). Aren't these a slap to God's face, too? He only gave Adam one Eve.

You know, there isn't any worse bigotry than thinking there is only one 'correct' God and feeling justified in forcing the associated ways onto EVERYONE ELSE. (This bigotry tends to raise itself above all others by claiming divine imperative for the cause - and therefore, at times, the worst extremes of behavior history has ever seen: the Inquisition, terrorism, etc.)

And gays have always been part of the human race. I'd say they were part of God's creational design, too, and you just can't see it. He created everything, right?

I wish you'd stop slapping Him in the face by acting like He created something flawed.

By voting to ban something you are trying to force your ways on others; you should leave it to personal choice. (Then no one can force their differing ways on YOU either.) You may be forcing others to violate their own sacred beliefs.

You say you have no problem with gay's getting equal rights; I don't believe you'd carry that out in the voting booth, given both the moralism and intensity of disdain you show in the rest of your post.

Have you ever tried to understand why gay happiness threatens you so?

magda flores said...

I believe the bigoted cliche is Adam and Steve. I can't listen to a homophobe that doesn't even know the right saying.

Anonymous said...

I can't listen to a homo-religiophobe who can't even spell, nor put together a coherent sentence. By that argument you wouldn't be allowed to type on a computer. Pathetic.

BTW - God's plan used to allow women to be sold into Marriage (slavery) can have a God's law, I will take progress.